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We had a chat to the gorgeous Nicole Lucas, Junior Fashion Editor at Cosmopolitan Australia and asked her our famous question. Here’s what she said.

“I want to feel empowered and independent, feel loved and be treated like I’m irreplaceable, but I also don’t want men to feel intimated by my career or the strong character that I have. Most of all, I want to be respected. I’m very career driven and for women like me who focus a big part of their life on being successful there is a lot of pressure to settle down and have kids, which is an end goal, but as I get older I’m starting to realize I want it all, but there is no need to rush. Lastly, as women we want to be treated equally, in relationships, single life, just general life I guess, but most of all with wages. So it’s fair to say what I want as a woman is not that simple. BUT I’m a complicated one and I’m sure there are a few more out there who want more than what society tells us to be. :)”

If you want to find out more about Nicole’s skills when it comes to fashion, check her out at:

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