Do you ever feel that there is something holding you back in your relationship, your career, your dreams and your aspirations? More than likely it’s yourself. So today I just first of all want to tell you to “get out of your way”.

So many times in our relationships we can find ourselves getting in our own way. We know exactly what we want and we know what we don’t want, but we are constantly over thinking and over analyzing our journey of how to get there, and as a result we are putting ourselves in our own way. Normally this is because of fear, it could be that we are afraid of being hurt again or we are afraid of being rejected or we are simply afraid that our insecurities will be exposed. I could write a whole blog about our insecurities and what they are and why we fear particular things or I could write a whole blog on the pressure that society puts on us to perform and look a particular way but what I would like to do is for us to move out of our own way and move forward. So I’m going to get you to ask yourself three questions and then ask yourself how are they affecting these three key areas in your life.

-Your Relationships

-Your Career

-Your Dreams


1- What do I really want?

2- Am I doing everything in my power to achieve it?

3- Is what I am doing now taking me closer to what I want?

If you have answered these three questions honestly, this should begin to bring some clarity to your circumstances and situations and also allow you to be able to clearly decide what you need to do next. I encourage you to write these answers down on a piece of paper or journal it and revisit your answers once a week for one month. This will put a burning desire within you to drive you towards what you want or a burning desire to want to change your situation.

If you feel comfortable share your answers below.

The Best Man looks into what it take to be a boss. Over the past few years, the idea of being a boss has become all the rage. The idea of living the life of Michael Jordan or Jordan Belfort has been idolized and simplified to one word ‘Boss’. The Best Man has looked at what the difference is between the average Joe to that rare breed we know as ‘Boss’.

Here are 4 things that separate the Boss’ from the Joes.


1- Boss’ truly don’t give a F*#K what other people think about them. If anything they use the negative words of their haters as fuel to drive them to prove themselves to be superior to the average Joe. This confidence overrides the doubt or fear people normally feel when they are about to take a risk. While Joe is doubting his ability and worrying what people will say about him, a boss has already made 5 phone calls to make sure the risk he just took has turned into an opportunity. Michael Jordan puts it this way – “Some people want it to happen, some wish it would happen, and others make it happen.”


2- Not only do boss’ get shit done, they inspire those around them to live in a world that doesn’t yet exist. The late Steve Jobs was quoted saying “We’re here to put a dent in the universe. Otherwise why else even be here?” This kind of bold statement from Jobs forced those working for him and those around him to be a part of a company that has changed a generation. This digital world we now live in, is a world that Steve Jobs dreamed of years ago.


3- Being a boss isn’t something you graduate to after you finish your degree or earn your first million. You don’t ask anyone’s permission to be a boss, it is a decision that you make when you decide to play by your own rules. This confidence and self-belief is the foundation to influencing people. Kanye West puts it like this – “Believe in your flyness…conquer your shyness.”


4- A boss influences – It’s one thing to have charm and be good looking, but it’s another thing to influence people. The evidence of your influence is seen in how many people buy into your vision. To influence people you have to inspire them on an emotional level, you can’t just tell people what to do but you have to sell them the dream. Just like Ben Affleck in The Boiler Room.